Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eat Bugs!

I have been working 18 hour days for the last couple of weeks and have not had a chance to write.  But last night, at around 1AM , I took a little while to catch up on my reading, and I ran into this article, where the United Nations wants us to quit engaging in animal husbandry and turn to eating insects.

I can pretty much guarantee that the fat cat bureaucrats on the East River won't have caterpillar casserole or beetle soufflé on the menu.

For justification, the unelected wannabe world rulers cite advantages such as raising insects takes less water per unit of protein, and insects can be fed human waste, and that this could be the solution to world hunger.  Unfortunately, such a strategy does not address the causes of world hunger, which for the most part is caused by government interference in local economies through taxes, duties, fees, and regulation, which work in concert to hamper the free flow of food and money.

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