Friday, May 31, 2013

Is Your Wife Hot?

Barnabas Piper doesn't think you should call your wife "hot".

Hahaha! I think someone has got some severe emotional/maturity problems.  While I never use the term “hot” with anyone but my wife when referring to her, for a guy to make a big deal about this with respect to his friends/acquaintances indicates that he is probably one of those males that the rest of us real men refer to as “gamma rabbits”.

This is what real men do.  They show pride in the things that matter to them.  They might call their automobile “cool” or their AR15 “badass”.  If a guy wants to call his wife “hot” in front of me, even if I don’t think she is, I am very happy for him and share in his pride over his wife.  I might not think his car is cool or his AR15 is badass, but I am not going to make an issue of it, because it is a personal preference based on his choices and abilities.  I may not know what all the criteria are, so I cannot fault his judgement.  And judgement is what Barnabas and his friend are engaging in doing here.

The converse is even more worrying.  Do you have any idea what happens to a man when he quits having pride in his wife?

Like I said, I don’t use that term with respect to my wife with anyone.  However, I do brag on both her inner and outer beauty in more subtle terms.  That’s what Real Men do.  Like in the Song of Solomon.

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