Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Terrapin may be slow, but he knows how to hop!

After a tough day at work and even tougher day at home, I took the old lady out for a late bite at our local tavern. I tried another beer that I had not had before – Terrapin Hopsecutioner. I have mentioned before that I like hoppy beers, and this one was not a disappointment.

Terrapin Brewery is located in Athens, Georgia, which also happens to be the home of the University of Georgia, a beer-drinking town if there ever was one, even if about half the beer drinkers are not of legal age.

Terrapin Beer Company was started in 2002 by two men, Spike and John, who were both working for a microbrewery in Atlanta. They figured they could do better, so they moved to Athens and struck out on their own. Their first beer, Terrapin Rye, won a prestigious award, and they were off and running.

Terrapin describes their Hopsecutioner like this:
You love hops, you ask for hops and this killer IPA delivers! Hopsecutioner earns its name by using six different types of hops giving it a fresh citrus and pine hop nose with a beautifully bitter finish. A strong malt back bone keeps this aggressive IPA well balanced. This IPA is made for hop lovers a you may lose your hop head over this one!
Hopsecutioner is an India Pale Ale style beer. It's made with 6 different hops for a delightful blend. It has a very hoppy odor, but the taste is not overwhelmingly hoppy.

COLOR (0-2): Amber. 2
AROMA (0-2): Hoppy smell. 2
HEAD (0-2): Pale color. Persistent medium volume. 2
TASTE (0-5): Excellent hop and malt blend.  Medium body, bordering on light on the tongue. 4
AFTERTASTE (0-2): Good follow through. 2
OVERALL (0-6): A good dringking beer; the kind you would like after a hot day in the sun or when eating a heavy meal, like steak. 5
TOTAL SCORE (0-19): 17

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