Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Someone Is Finally Taking A Stand

It appears that the management at is getting fed up with the incursions on our liberty by all branches of government.  They are demanding three things:
  1. A cessation of all non-court-ordered surveillance and the destruction of all data collected without court orders.
  2. Stiff criminal penalties for any civil servant or government agent, elected or otherwise, that attempt to surveil without a proper, constitutional court order.
  3. The use of audio and video devices to be worn involuntarily by all officers with arrest powers at all levels of government when exercising jurisdiction, and that evidence gathered by these devices be admissible in court. Failure to produce the evidence gathered by the devices would trigger a dismissal of charges if an arrest had been made.

I think these are excellent ideas.  I think we should get behind market-ticker.  I hope other firms do the same thing. 

I have witnessed national strikes in other countries.  It might be a good idea to do that in the USA to get these ideas across.

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