Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola Redux: The Case For Quarantine

There are now documented cases of ebola in six countries outside West Africa (the hot zones).  All of them are in Western Europe or the United States.  Two others are suspected, one in Turkey and one in Australia.

The most troublesome case is the nurse in Spain.  Apparently, she had informed that country's health officials on three separate occasions that she suspected she was infected with ebola
Her first contact with health authorities was on 30 September when she complained of a slight fever and fatigue. Romero Ramos called a specialised service dedicated to occupational risk at the Carlos III hospital where she worked and had treated an Ebola patient, said Antonio Alemany from the regional government of Madrid. But as the nurse’s fever had not reached 38.6C, she was advised to visit her local clinic where she was reportedly prescribed paracetamol.
Days later, according to El País newspaper, Romero Ramos called the hospital again to complain about her fever. No action was taken.
On Monday, she called the Carlos III hospital again, this time saying she felt terrible. Rather than transport her to the hospital that had treated the two missionaries who had been repatriated with Ebola, Romero Ramos was instructed to call emergency services and head to the hospital closest to her home. She was transported to the Alcorcón hospital by paramedics who were not wearing protective gear, El País reported.
On arrival at the hospital, Romero Ramos warned staff that she feared she had contracted Ebola. Despite the warning, she remained in a bed in the emergency room while she waited for her test results. She was separated from other patients only by curtains, hospital staff said on Tuesday.
Clearly, government health officials in the West are not prepared for the kind of risk ebola represents.  With transportation technology being what it is, the only sensible reaction to the spread of this pernicious virus is the quarantine of the entire hot zone.  Anything less will make the influenza pandemic of 1918 look like a walk in the park.

Zerohedge has published a map with the known spread of ebola:

Read about how a private enterprise in the hot zone has successfully addressed the spread of ebola on its premises.

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