Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It appears that certain political leaders in the US cannot scale their intellect when it comes to Ebola.

Yesterday, on the Vox Popoli blog, a poster with the handle, "SimplyTimothy" put it rather succinctly:
Can somebody point out to me where the principle of quarantine mutates to the principle of open borders?
1. Keep Ebola patient out of the maternity ward.
2. Keep Ebola patients in different wing of the hospital.
3. If the hospital succumbs to Ebola, isolate the hospital from the neighborhood.
4. If the neighborhood succumbs to Ebola isolate the neighborhood.
5. Town--isolate town
6. County...
7. State...
8. Country...
9. Continent.
10. Planet
From 1 to 9 I do not see the principle that shows increased interaction between the smaller and larger environment is conducive to the health of the larger environment.
Somewhere between 8 and 9 something mysterious happens in the minds of men. 
What am I missing?

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