Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mohammedan Terror in the Great White North

Canadians, who often criticize US foreign policy, calling it responsible for the incidents of terror that have stricken the US, are now the recipients of terror attacks themselves.

First, a soldier is killed in Quebec by a radicalized Mohammedan convert on the 20th, and then, this morning, it appears that multiple shooters attacked the Canadian War Memorial and Parliament at nearly the same time.

The danger from radical Mohammedans is not a surprise to Canadian authorities.  In fact, law enforcement personnel met with the killer in Monday's attack less than two weeks before the incident. 

These attacks will be called "crime" by the authorities in North America.  But, they are not crimes; they are acts of war.  Westerners have a distorted view of what war is.  Since the Peace of Westphalia in the mid-17th century, and clarified by Carl von Clausewitz in his seminal writings, the West has thought of civilization and the conduct of war as three parts: the government, the armed forces, and the civilian population.  In the Clausewitzian world, governments and armed forces conduct war, and the civilian population stays out of the conflict. This construct, in which armed forces maneuver in areas where the population is absent, is often called "third generations warfare" (3GW).  When civilians engage in destructive activities against their nation's enemies, they are thought of as criminals, since, in 3GW, there is no place for civilians.  If captured or confronted, these civilians are treated as criminals and not as soldiers.

Unfortunately for the West, the rest of the world is not hampered by such artificial rules.  In most of the rest of the world, people have a tribal mentality. They fight to protect their families, then their communities, then their tribes, and then whatever greater group is of interest, in this case, religion.  This is the way the world has worked in all recorded history up until the 19th century.  Because the non-Western world recognizes that governments and armies cannot exist without support of people, they see the civilian population as a legitimate target, or an opposing tribe, if you will.

Now, getting back to Canada, and by extension, every other Western nation, if you want to prevent domestic terrorism, you do it the same way as you handle Ebola.  First, you do not let it into the country.  Both Canada and the U.S.A. have abysmal, idiotic immigration policies.  Those policies need to be fixed.  If it pops up inside the country, you quarantine it with extreme prejudice.  You can doctor it if you want to, but unlike Ebola, there is probably not much of a therapy or regimen that will give you a 50% success factor.

Sound like discrimination?  You betcha! And with no apologies.  It is war of the cultures, boys and girls, and the other side is not taking prisoners, except to be used for beheadings on Youtube.  If Western civilization is going to survive, it will have to do the things that are necessary to survive.  This will not be popular among most Canadians today, but as these acts of war/terror become more prevalent, one hopes that the Canadians will wake up and repent of their misguided suppositions.

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