Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NBC News: Asking Disingenuous Questions

Cassandra Vinograd asks the question at NBC News, "Are the Airstrikes Against ISIS Working?"

SInce ISIS is gaining ground, why would she bother asking such a disingenuous question?  It's pretty obvious to anyone with a measurable IQ can see that (a) ISIS is not being stopped, (b) they are barely even being slowed down, and (c) they are taking measures to avoid damage from air strikes.

Miss Vinograd would enhance her understanding of war if she would take the time to read Collin R. Ballard’s The Military Genius of Abraham Lincoln and T. Harry Williams’ Lincoln and His Generals.  Then, she might understand what effective war is all about.

But, the aerial assaults against ISIS are not about being effective.  Rather, they are all about getting the Democrats through the next election cycle in November.

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