Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I often wonder why more people do not use Linux on their home computers.  After all, there are several distributions that are free, and many come with a library of free applications.

I have been running Ubuntu on an old Toshiba Centrino laptop for about 3 years now. It comes with Libre Office, which, as near as I can tell, is 98.44% compatible with Windows Office 2007.  For a browser, I use Chromium, also free (I quit using Mozilla after the SJWs demanded Brendan Eich's resignation).  This machine is about 8 years old, and the operations I run on it are as fast as my new company Lenovo laptop with Windows 8.  Chromium on Ubuntu is much, much faster than even the 64-bit Explorer browser.

Ubuntu is easy to install; it practically installs itself.  The only issues I have run into is that there are some apps you have to install from a command line interface with a keyed-in "apt-get" command.  Unix/Linux commands seem to be obtuse, and the the propeller heads seem to take great joy in making commands obtuse.  Who would ever think of naming a string search command "grep", after all?  And, once in a while, I have to look pretty hard for a device driver.

Overall however, I have enjoyed the speed at which Ubuntu operates and the fact that I can leave my laptop up and running for months without rebooting (try that with Windows).  Ubuntu is as intuitive as the Mac OS and faster than either Mac or Windows.  There is a great deal of support on the interwebz too.

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