Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Folks Just Don’t Keep Up With The News

The US Center For Naval Analysis has decided that global warming is the biggest threat to America and that a focus on in-country drilling for oil is a bigger threat to national security than dependence on foreign oil.  I guess that the CNA did not get the word that the earth has been cooling since 2007.  Satellite evidence shows that in the last year, Antarctic ice has exceeded its own long term average.  Carbon dioxide levels are rising while temperatures are flat or declining.  Indeed, there has never been a definitive peer-reviewed study which conclusively indicates that a rise in carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere always precedes a long term warming trend.

One can only surmise that the CNA has a political agenda related to regulating energy, or rather, micromanaging energy use.  The problems associated with the data management and data veracity should have been enough for CNA to stay away from the global warming issue.  However, being funded by the taxpayers via an administration with a clear preference for prevarication when it comes to political agendas, I suspect that this is just one more ploy to move the US closer to a nanny state and collectivism.

Besides, no one has really defined for me why a little more carbon dioxide is bad or what is wrong with warm weather.

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